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We continue to be humbled by the support we receive from the community. Below are some of their kinds words that we'd like to share with you.


"Up in Yountville, Ciccio is packed for a reason—from the pizza to the pasta, the quality of execution was especially impressive this year, warranting a Bib Gourmand designation for the 2019 guide." Read Full Article

"A pleasant contrast to the sleek new spots around town, Ciccio’s country-style curtains and slatted front porch are a ticket to another era (and a hot ticket at that, since tables are hard to come by)..." Read Full Article

San Francisco Chronicle / SFGATE

Ciccio brings fresh twist to Napa Valley scene: "From the time you walk in the door until the time you leave, you sense that this restaurant is a family affair - an affair of the heart, for that matter. It's part of what makes Ciccio so endearing - and, no doubt, enduring." Read Full Article

Ciccio is my new favorite place in the Napa Valley: "What’s apparent from the moment you walk in the door is the care that’s gone into every element of the dining experience, just not the food. Read Full Article

Napa Valley Register

Yountville’s Ciccio is better than ever: "Ciccio remains one of the must-go-to restaurants in the Napa Valley." Read Full Article

Ciccio and Altamura Winery are two sides of one coin: "Altamura has a distinct intensity and frankness that is sometimes missing in the world of food and wine in the Napa Valley. And perhaps that’s what people are responding to. Like their owner, both Ciccio and the wines of Altamura seem more real somehow — they are not too fussy or over-manipulated, but just expertly and carefully prepared expressions of the well-tended ingredients that went into them." Read Full Article


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